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Wisdom of Solomon © 2017 Stephen A Schuster


This is what I would do if ever I was able

I’d run this movie backward from my grave back to my cradle

 ‘cause I could profit from the mind of a faded older man

And use it in my younger days to make a better plan

To deal myself a better hand


With the Wisdom of Solomon, patience of Job

Nobody knows how it goes til they get down the road

Oh we have struggled with innocence

Since Adam and Eve

We’ve never let ourselves go and we always believe

We’ve got the wisdom, the patience, the time we desire

To watch our innocence burn in an unconsumed fire


The lessons always seem to bring me to my knees

I pray and beg forgiveness, Lord, for every one of these

Reflected in the mirror of a clearer crystal ball

With every full advantage paid collect on every call

I would finally get to see it all


Through the Wisdom of Solomon, patience of Job…


Fire it up, boys – Burn it on down

 ‘round here, in the devil’s playground

Higher up, boys – see what I found

Unconsumed fire in the devil’s playground

Fire in the devil’s playground


The legends always leave every option upon the table

Calling me to separate the painful from the fatal

Dream soaked apparitions of crystals and magic stones

Teardrop premonitions of tomorrow’s great unknowns

That feeling in my bones


From the Wisdom of Solomon, patience of Job…

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