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Critical Acclaim for Steve Schuster's music


Steve Schuster’s new LP Permanently High is a vibrant homage to 60s pop & rock, which rides the surf waves as smoothly as the Beach Boys to create a harmonised to the nines nostalgic nod to the era.


Every 60s psychonaut will find familiar comfort in its release, which also radiates the kaleidoscopic colour and charm of The Beatles.


However, Schuster doesn’t merely replicate; he innovates, transcending cross-Atlantic appeal with the zany lyrics which invite listeners on a cosmic trip across constellations and into another dimension.


The sticky-sweet explosion of expression, filtered through infectiously honeyed 60s pop-rock progressions, ensures that there’s charisma in every chord and the soul of the track reverberates viscerally enough that your mind will be open to the idea that if this world is just an illusion, imagination is the only passport needed.


Schuster, an award-winning songwriter with a career spanning several decades, showcased his prowess in blending classic rock influences with contemporary flair in this transfixing temporal gateway.


His latest album promises a similar journey of emotional and thematic exploration. Recorded with meticulous dedication and the multifaceted talents of producer Mike Pascarella, it’s set to resonate with fans old and new.


"Classic rock vibe!"

“What is not in doubt at all is that that Steve Schuster has the capacity for writing ditties that evoke the sixties and the attendant harmonies. A rocking good time for all – nicely done Steve!”


"From the Beatle-y vocal harmonies to the gentle guitar work, ‘Unassembled Man’—is as pleasant as a gentle summer day’s breeze."


"It almost sounds like a dream; the kind you’d have if you fell asleep in a sunbeam."


"Appealing vocals over a classic-tinged instrumentation full of evocative guitar lines, pop sensibilities and sixties reminiscences, with inspiring lyricism, lovable harmonies and brooding vibes.”


"Chugging guitar riffs and resolute vocal presence!”


"Infused in an Indelible 60s Vibe, 'Unassembled Man' Delights with Smiles, Tears And Intelligently Crafted Lyrics"


"Soulful Steve Schuster is back!"

"Teleport back to the game-changing music of the 60’s !"


"Feels like another era where we're still watching Saturday morning cartoons – that kind of vibe where innocence and positive surf radiates!"

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.46.29

"I love the message in the lyrics!" 


Tongue Tied Mag:

"I love the harmonies!”

Feature story about Steve

Emerging Indie Bands

"Takes the listener back to the ’60s with an analogue patina which melts in to the room as though a hot-knife in butter."

"Beatles-like momentum with harmonies aplenty amid a simple pop template."


"This is hard to do and in the wrong hands can sound like pastiche but it is to Steve's credit that he has input enough of himself in the clever patchwork quilt that stop/starts and offers sucrose melody at every turn."


"Kudos my man!"

"Florentin makes use of a coherent structure using verses and choruses which deliver the story through a fun sound that is both fresh and retro at the same time".


"The intro works well at setting up the instrumental and harmonic basis while establishing an atmosphere of nostalgia, preparing the listener for the vocal entry. As the vocal enters, the instrumental texture is reduced to allow the vocals to remain in front, captivating the listener’s attention while telling the story. As the chorus unfolds it is interesting to note change in harmonic progression and melodic shapes which contrast greatly to those used in the verses."


"The sense of contrast works well to provide a good balance between repetition and variation and it also helps to make the chorus a lot more memorable and recognizable. Another thing which works well is the rhythmic changes during the chorus which contrast to the very straight and rigid time feel during the verses. The fact that space was left for instrumental interludes provides further motion and expectation for the final section."


"The song is well composed, performed and produced. The instrumental arrangement is indeed reminiscent of past trends but it also keeps a modern approach which makes it not just a song for the nostalgia niche. The harmonic, rhythmic and melodic changes in the chorus are used effectively and the vocal harmonizations also add a strong sense of character."

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