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Halcyon Haze – Music and lyrics © Stephen A Schuster

"Halcyon Haze" is a nostalgic ballad that transports listeners back to the idyllic, sun-soaked days and weeks of summer camp, capturing the essence of youth, freedom, and the bittersweet pangs of first loves. Drawing from my personal experiences as a Jewish summer camp song leader, the lyrics evoke a time and place where music, friendship and nature converge into a potent swirl of emotions and memories.

Dinosaurs & Dragons – Music and lyrics © Stephen A Schuster

"Dinosaurs & Dragons" is my attempt to capture the simple joy and boundless possibilities of the guileless, childlike imagination that sparks kids of all ages. Accompanied by this animated music video, "Dinosaurs & Dragons" is a reminder of how, especially during times of isolation and uncertainty, our ability to dream and imagine can bring us closer together. It celebrates the joy and wonder that come from sharing stories and dreams, no matter our age.

D0 No Harm – Music and lyrics © Stephen A Schuster

Do No Harm was written and recorded in the months leading up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The haunting words, melody, production and arrangement (by Mike Pascarella) are the result of Steve's revulsion of then-candidate Trump's proto-fascist rhetoric.

Sadly, the urgent alarm bells sounded in Do No Harm were remarkably prescient in 2016, and continue to resonate to this day.

One Lonely Voice – Music and lyrics © Stephen A Schuster

This is a reggae remix of a song from Steve's 2020 album "Unassembled Man," and features Jeff Freeman and The Reggulators. The remix was a collaborative project with Martin Raymond in Trinidad and Gregg Assing in London.

Masada – Music and lyrics © Stephen A Schuster

Masada is an ancient stone fortress in Israel, located high above the Dead Sea. Its well-preserved ruins attest to the history of the ancient kingdom of Israel and the courage of its people in the face of a Roman siege.


In this song and video (shot on site by Shifra Penkower), Steve chronicles the fateful events that occurred in the year 73 from the anguished perspective of the last Jewish rebel standing before the Roman legions broke through the fortress walls.

Lie Down With Dogs – Music and lyrics © Stephen A Schuster
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