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Permanently High ©2024 Stephen A Schuster

Images of you suffuse the corners of my mind
Illusions so confusing as to render me half blind
Reeling with a feeling of a love you just can’t buy
Feels like you and I are permanently high

Chemistry so heavenly like crystals in the clouds
You and I me so preciously alone within the crowds
Laughing when the sunshine opens up the summer’s sky,
Feels like you and I are permanently high

In my ears I hear your words as sweet as serenades
Steady as a soulful choir singing in my veins
Silver chimes and rhymes of your enchanting lullaby
Dreaming you and I are permanently high


Permanently High" transcends the typical love song genre to convey the singular euphoria that comes from deep, abiding love. With simple and spare poetic grace, the lyrics explore the transformative power of love, painting a picture of two people so enamored with each other that their emotional state ascends to a constant bliss.


This song captures the essence of being so in love that everything else fades into the background, leaving only the vivid, enchanting presence of the beloved.

The imagery used in the song—crystals in the clouds, laughter under the summer sky, sweet serenades, and soulful choirs—evokes a sense of timeless romance and joy. It's about the kind of love that feels otherworldly, yet profoundly grounded in the shared experiences and chemistry between two souls.


"Permanently High" communicates the heady intoxication of love, where simply being with the other person lifts you to a state of perpetual happiness and contentment, far removed from the mundanities of daily life. It’s a testament to love’s ability to elevate our spirits to heights previously unimagined.

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