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No End to the Infinite © 2017 Stephen A Schuster



Lean into me

And say you’ll keep your word

That you will reveal the empty places hiding in the world

Feel the energy

Waiting to be heard

Singing a rerun, a new rendition of what has once occurred


Deep within your heart

Flowing out and in

Spilling a nameless perfectly simple stream beneath your skin

Clean before the start

Before the origin

Circling back to re-encounter places we’ve all been


There is no end to the infinite

But I’m in to it right to the end

I push that rock up to the top

It rolls right down again


There are no dimensions

Before there is a form

Despite our apprehensions

Frigid cold begins to warm

Conceived in our inventions

Dust begins to swarm

Exploding from the tensions

We surrender to the storm


Redeem, if you will

Your luminous remark

Killing the chaos with contradiction that animates our spark

Seize and fulfill

The punctuation mark

Dividing the dates whose new beginning dissolves into the dark


There is no end to the infinite…

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