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Naked We All Die © 2017 Stephen A Schuster


Come on, think about it, life is crashing by

We buy time, and higher we climb

I’m sure I’m well aware there’s nothing there to answer where or why


What you wish for you might get for none the worse or none the better

Wake up, be alive! Do more than survive!

What you risk for what you get there’s no returns and no regrets

Naked we arrive, and naked we all die


Go on, think about it, carry what you need

We need time – we’re on a deadline

I’m sure I’m well inclined to redefine the meaning of “succeed”


What you wish for…


Things are only things are only things are only things


Hang on, think I got it, life’s a magazine

Between the lines, are all the signs

The lives we fantasize won’t compromise our empty final scene


What you wish for…

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