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Keeping My Balance © 2017 Stephen A Schuster


Tip me over, knock me down

Feeling drunk although I’m sober

Knock my head upon the ground


But now I'm keeping my balance,

using my talents, keeping my cool

You’ll see me, I’m up to the challenge,

keeping my balance, since I fell over you


Keep me stable, I can't walk a straight line

Feeling so intoxicated

Straighten out my swirling mind


But now I'm keeping my balance…


Oooh she feeds me harmonies to still my aching head

Smoothing out my agitation, till she sends me off to bed

And when I sleep she'll bring me something I’ve been dreaming of

Ever since my equilibrium was overcome by love


Spin me sideways, I don't know which way to turn

Asking where or when or why

They say there's nothing to be learned


But now I'm keeping my balance…

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