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Babylon ©2024 Stephen A Schuster

What a mess we’ve left the world in
Such a burden to our children
Seems we’ve gone to Babylon

Raging fires are slowly burning
And our fate seems so uncertain
It hangs upon Babylon

Eden’s paradise was fleeting (Shangri-la-la-la)
Now my guilty breast I’m beating (Hallelujah-jah)
For everyone in Babylon

How we’ve wept at our eviction (how we cried cried cried)
Recollecting our conviction (how we tried tried tried)
Trampled on in Babylon

Shake the heavens
Shake the planet
Shake the oceans        
And shake dry land
And to Zion we’ll return
Ways of exile we’ll unlearn

Jerusalem, we will rebuild you
All our dreams will be fulfilled through
What went wrong in Babylon

By the sword we will not die now (Zion!)
By the Lord we will arise now (Zion!)
Rising dawn from Babylon


"Babylon" is a haunting ballad that navigates through layers of human tragedy, from the immediacy of climate change to the historical depths of the Jewish Babylonian exile of old when the King Solomon’s First Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE.


The song opens with a contemporary cry for the Earth, a recognition of the legacy of neglect we're leaving for future generations, before diving into the poignant tale of ancient despair and displacement faced by the Jewish people. The narrative is intended to be both timeless and urgently relevant, painting a picture of human resilience in the face of existential threats.

The lyrics weave a somber yet ultimately hopeful tale, acknowledging the pain and loss of exile while affirming the indomitable spirit of those who overcome great adversities. One notable reference is the call to "shake the heavens, shake the planet," taken directly from Haggai 2:6 as a powerful invocation for change, and a plea for redemption that transcends history.


"Babylon" inspires a vision of rebuilding and renewal, promising that from the ashes of destruction, a new dawn will rise. This song is an anthem for all who have faced down the dark nights of Babylon, whether literal or metaphorical, and who continue to strive towards the light of a new day.

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