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Always Knew ©2024 Stephen A Schuster

Always knew you’d find me
Despite the passing time
Never did your face escape my mind

Always knew you’d find me
No matter what the cost
Making up for decades we have lost

I always knew, I always knew, I always knew
I always knew, I always knew, I always knew

The universe would do its worst
Then bring me back to you

Always knew you’d find me
Across so many miles
All our tribulations and our trials

I always knew!

And like the world and all that goes around
You’ll come around again
You’ll come around, you’ll come around again

Always knew you’d find me
It was written in the stars
Destiny as one was always ours

I always knew!

"Always Knew" is a serenade to eternal love and hope, a testament to a heart that never faltered and never stopped believing in destiny. It's not just a love song but an anthem for romantics and of love thought lost to the ages.

Crafted from threads of optimism and a soul that refuses to let go, this track speaks to the kind of love stories that novels try to capture but only music can truly convey. It's about a connection so profound that even the cosmos conspired to reunite.


"Always Knew" doesn't just recount a journey of rekindled love; it celebrates the unshakable faith that love, once true, will always find its way back home.

For anyone who's ever loved, lost, and found their way back, this song is a reminder that some things are written in the stars.

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