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Miraculous © 2017 Stephen A Schuster


A lifelong search for a miracle is incurable

It’s an obsession

I’ve a confession

I see miracles around us all


It’s all miraculous, spectacularly fine

Sign up for everything one lifetime has in mind

When every fragrance saturates us every color captivates us

Every thing we touch, it’s all miraculous


It’s all miraculous, since Genesis’ first light

Divided daytime from the dangers of the night

When Mother Nature’s rhythm shows us all we need to do is notice

What’s in front of us, it’s all miraculous


Consider all the bitter seasons we have tasted

Before the siren lures the sinner to the sacred

It’s too appalling to consider what we’ve wasted

When after all it’s all the miracle we make of it


It’s all miraculous, climb on the bus and ride

Recite your vows a thousand times and kiss the bride

It’s all too strange exchanging plans arranging things not in our hands

We’ve nothing to discuss – it’s all miraculous


When every moment, every precious little breath

Is our atonement from our birth until our death

And yet as long as we shall live, we know that all the love we give

Comes flowing back to us, and that’s miraculous

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